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Model UN in the United States

To help students gain an appreciation of the scale and importance of international political events, Model United Nations are organised all over the US that allow young people to role-play as a diplomat of various countries. As in any debate, having to research and consider an issue completely from an unfamiliar viewpoint expands the debatersí consciousness of issues and scope for problem solving solutions.

Model United Nations are recognised and supported internationally by several groups, including the World Federation of United Nations Associations, which helps groups start up MUNs in places that do not have a tradition of such activities, such as Asia, Africa and Latin America. Having a long history in the USA, there are many local and national MUN that students at different education levels can attend.

Baylor High School Model United Nations Conference

Situated in Waco, Texas, Baylor University has held high school level Model United Nations conferences for almost two decades. Intended for a younger age group, it encourages but does not require position papers, nor attend to a strict procedural setting. This one day MUN is ideal for coaching students on professional behaviour, debating and communication.

Vanderbilt Model United Nations

Vanderbilt Model United Nations is a high school level conference located in Nashville, Tennessee and drawing attendants from across the Eastern states. Offering a broad range of simulated committees and topics, the MUN seeks to foster leadership and compromise skills. In addition to current issues by large UN bodies, it also offers simulations of past political crises and future settings where delegates will be required to think and act on data as it is presented to them.

Florida Model United Nations

The Florida Model United Nations is a conference attended by a number of regional colleges and universities with the aim to expand the studentsí appreciation and understanding of international issues and the political climate on the world stage. In 2012 the conference was hosted at Floridaís Santa Fe College, however it is not tied to a particular campus, broadening its scope for participation by various institutions.

Harvard National Model United Nations

With a history spanning over 50 years, the Harvard National Model United Nations is the oldest MUN, with a similarly impressive size and scope. Hosting over 3000 attendees for four days, and with almost 30 committees, it provides students with a wide range of options for both learning and meeting like-minded individuals from around the world. Although headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts the current HNMUN is hosted in Boston.

American Model United Nations International

The American MUN International combines a UN conference simulation with a graduate school and career expo to highlight and broaden studentsí options for their futures. It focuses on a realistic and professional Model United Nations to ensure students fully understand the inner workings of this important global body, and has specialist simulations of law and press bodies for students studying those areas. The AMUN is located in Chicago, Illinois.

National Model United Nations

The NUMN organisation is the source of several MUN conferences around the world each year. Inside the US, these take place in New York and Washington DC, and are accompanied by a general convention where businesses and organisations provide information to students about future career options. This college level MUN emphasises proper UN procedures and a wide range of committee simulations and current event topic discussions.

International Model United Nations Association

IMUNA is a broad association that organises several conferences each year at the High School level. The most important of these is the National High School MUN, which takes place in New York City at the Hilton in Manhattan, and at the UN headquarters itself. This draws thousands of student delegates from around the world, and often lets students meet UN representatives. Later in the year they organise smaller conferences; the Regional High School MUN takes place for the western states, previously located in Utah but now moved to San Francisco. This smaller event normally draws students from California, Oregon, Colorado, Washington and even Mexico and Canada. The Southern US MUN is held in Atlanta, and is oriented on training delegates for future MUN conferences.

Johns Hopkins University Model United Nations Conference

At this annual event located in Maryland, a mixture of current and past international issues are discussed by a wide range of committees and councils. This includes many non-UN body simulations, such as historical conventions and company board of directors. They also undertake "midnight crisis" events, where delegate students are woken in the night and must work on a previously undisclosed topic. As one of the most unique MUNs held in the US, the JHUMUNC is appropriately located in Baltimore, one of the first cities in the US.