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Model United Nations in the UK

Model United Nations are simulated recreations of the debates that take place in the real UN between national delegates. These simulations are often carried out by a particular school, but often are expanded to include students from around the country or even around the world. In addition to the General Assembly, many of the other UN bodies are simulated, such as the Security Council, Development Programme or World Trade Organisation. These simulations serve to educate students about past and current international issues, strategies for thinking about and addressing wide scale problems, and the viewpoints of cultures different from their own.

Acting as a delegate requires students to investigate the issue that is assigned to them, consult with their fellow role-play delegates, and then debate the issue with the whole committee. Together they must create a solution and pass a resolution. This helps to develop skills in research, negotiation, writing, communicating, listening and decision making. Perhaps most importantly, it teaches the debaters to accept compromise on their beliefs and ideals when putting plans into action.

London International Model United Nations

As one of the largest MUN conferences in Europe, the London International Model United Nations is organised solely by University of London students, but welcomes participants from around the world. It emphasises the importance of understanding global issues and politics for students from all areas of academia, not merely just political and social fields. The conference takes place in different venues around Central and West London, giving students the opportunity to meet many students and explore the city from notable locations such as the Institute of Education in Camden or the Imperial College London in Kensington.

University College London Model United Nations

The University College London accepts delegates from universities and other higher tier educational bodies, as well as outstanding high school students. It is smaller in size and simulates six committees, allowing each delegate the chance to contribute a great deal to the debate. Each year they also feature notable guest speakers with real-world experience in political and crisis events. The University College London setting provides a unique place to experience the cultural heritage of London, with the British Museum close by, and the establishments of Oxford Street and Mayfair.

Oxford International Model United Nations

Along with Cambridge, this southern English city of Oxford has a long history of academic institutions, libraries, museums and intellectual thought. It is therefore fittingly the home of the Oxford University United Nations Association, which hosts an Oxford International Model United Nations annually for students of any university. Up to 500 delegates attend, and debate on issues ranging from security, justice, trade, health, environment, law and human rights. The OxIMUN hopes to recreate procedural realism, and thus holds caucuses, breaks and other events that provide an out of committee environment for the delegates to communicate, while still keeping within the boundaries of the MUN simulation.

Edinburgh Model United Nations

Located in Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland, and taking place mostly in the University of Edinburgh, the ScotMUN focuses on keeping group sizes small. To this end it simulates a number of committees, most notably the Security Council, Disarmament and International Security Committee, Human Rights Council, and Arab League, and looks to debate current topics face policy makers. This MUN brings together students from Scotland, other UK locations such as Bath and international universities.