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Human Rights Organisations Based in New York

In addition to the efforts of the United Nations, there are many national and international humanitarian organisations that work to promote many of the same goals, but are not affiliated with the UN. Many of these groups focus on issues specific to the United States, including the civil rights of ethnic groups and immigrants, and the unique history and status of women in US society. It is also the home of many of the world’s international humanitarian groups that use the media resources and altruistic attitude of the USA to help them focus and implement their campaigns.

National Action Network

For over two decades the NAN has been an advocate of civil rights and equal opportunities. Initially founded as a voice and reform platform for African American communities, it supports the rights of all groups to be treated equally by the law and government. Many of its activities involve raising awareness among its community members about important issues, allowing individuals to create change both on the personal level and through their community voice and vote. The National Action Network has several offices in Manhattan and headquarters in Harlem, as well as regional offices in various cities of New Jersey, Georgia, Louisiana and many other states.

National Association for the Advancement of Colored People

As the oldest civil rights organisation operating in the United States today, the NAACP is concerned with a very wide array of social issues. Although they conduct traditional campaigns to influence changes in broad community opinion, they also tackle specific problems and issues within the ethnic communities. This includes advice and assistance for business owners, initiatives to promote school attendance and election participation and legal support. The Brooklyn branch is involved with numerous events and committees to benefit the local community.

National Urban League

The NUL operates in many states across the country but is headquartered in New York City, and was established to deal specifically with the issues experienced by African American communities in dense urban living areas. These include affordable and viable housing, health care, access to quality education and the availability of employment. Their long history of victories over institutionalised discrimination has given them powerful advocacy in current campaigns.

Human Rights First

A national humanitarian organisation with office locations in New York and Washington DC, Human Rights First is a research and advocacy agency that monitors discrimination, hate crimes and legislation changes. They host reports and published data on a wide range of human rights issues, making then a valuable informational source for campaigners and all citizens. As part of their educational goal, they make their media easily shareable across many platforms to increase public exposure.