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Human Rights Organisations Based in London

As one of the largest and most cosmopolitan cities in the world, London is a unique staging ground for humanitarian organisations, giving them access to many different ethnic and social groups, ensuring many voices are heard. The United Kingdom has a long history of internal change and repair on human rights issues, as well as being the first staging ground of anti-slavery protests. This heritage is continued in the work of many organisations that leverage the liberal and motivated populace to assist with progress worldwide.

Amnesty International

A long established and pivotal force in the work of humanitarian activists, Amnesty International is an education and campaign-driven organisation that highlights issues of human rights abuses in every country of the world. They use a widespread network and high media profile to raise awareness and encourage citizens to pressure their governments into demanding change. This has included their Urgent Action campaigns, which organise thousands of individuals to directly contact the government or group responsible for a civil rights abuse. As part of their work they have a strong presence in the UK, where they are headquartered in Islington and have a Human Rights Action Centre in Shoreditch. In addition they have regional offices in Cardiff for Wales, Belfast for Northern Ireland and Edinburgh for Scotland, making it easy for individuals anywhere in the UK to help them with their mission.

Médecins Sans Frontières

Known in the English-speaking world as Doctors Without Borders, MSF is a critical force in the fight to eradicate disease and disability in developing nations and areas that experience natural disasters and wars. Many conditions treated by MSF are injuries and malnutrition caused by man-made situations, which makes it all the more important to lessen the impact of these tragic events. While the majority of MSF workers and volunteers are placed in the field, the UK office in Camden has occasional postings of volunteer, job and internship placements in that location.

The UN Association of the UK

Located in Westminster, London, the UNA-UK is not a United Nations body, but is dedicated to educating the UK public about the UN systems, while also providing advocacy to help strengthen its role in the United Kingdom and abroad. By determining key policy areas for the UK and its citizens, it can effectively direct attention and funding to UN agency efforts. Part of its mission is also to stay abreast of UN bodies, projects and goals, as well as its efficiency and effectiveness. It identifies areas of possible improvement in the UN and campaigns the UK government to promote UN change.

Overseas Development Institute

The ODI is a think tank and research organisation that enables activists, decision makers and leaders of both corporate and social bodies to educate themselves and others about world development issues. Headquartered in Lambeth, they host events that showcase speakers with extensive experience in social development fields. In addition they have a substantial library of journals, books, videos, articles and blogs that are aimed at those requiring a more in-depth and technical analysis of problems and how they can possibly be resolved.